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Magical Fairy Tales Bundle

Magical Fairy Tales Bundle

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Magical Fairy Tales Bundles

12 tales, PDF from 12 different countries around the world.

Discover 12 beloved fairy tales from around the world in the Magical Fairy Tales Bundle, a remarkable compilation of digital stories that weave together elements of fantasy, magic, legends and myths, and folklore.

This imaginative collection brings together a captivating assortment of fairy tales from various corners of the globe, making it a delightful resource to explore and appreciate diverse cultural backgrounds.

Step into a realm where anything is possible as you embark on an adventure through the pages of this unique fairy collection.

In “Once Upon a Time” Bundle you will find a magical array of imaginative stories, from Canada, USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Greece, Spain, China, India, Serbia, Tunisia, Japan and Australia, ensuring that children of all ages can revel in the wonders of fantasy.

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