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“I always imagined life as a big tree. There is a trunk with a treetop, branches, and leaves, there. The treetop is less or more rooted in the earth. Also, each branch of the three has a lot of other branches, and each of them has other small branches.

There are leaves on those small branches. Untold…

That is our life way. I imagine it like that at least. Did we have to turn on this or that side, left or right?  Did we stay on the same branch, or the other nearby? On which small branch did we make a decision to come running just to this branch, but not on the second, third, or the tenth one…? Maybe we can find a shortcut for that big branch…

If we are here where we are now, then we are on our branch (whatever it is?), on that path of ours.

Each of our branches is a large number of small branches, leaves and chosen greenery… And that is our life.

What did I think under my branch?

Weirdly, the things we remember, places, moments of the time are in our hearts forever, while some of them fade in the mist. Sometimes, I knew to live differently than most people did, but sometimes I didn’t see my way.

I simply went step by step, one, and then the other. Sometimes forward, sometimes backward, and when I started somewhere – sometimes not knowing where - I hit my head against the wall.

One day I turn back, and I see that each step I made was a choice, to go left, right, or along the way… To go forward or not to move at all.

Every day each person has a choice between right or wrong. Between love and hatred. Sometimes between life and death.

That fight between life and death – incomprehensible, and comprehensible is what we live in the meantime. And all those choices are your life. The day when I understood that was the day when I became aware. Self-awareness!”

*From the book "You Fly Alone, Blue Bird" 

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