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Different frequencies - how it is

While people who function on higher frequencies can experience many benefits, they may also face some unique obstacles and challenges. Here are a few examples:

  1. Feeling disconnected from others: Because those who operate on a higher frequency tend to be more introspective and focused on their inner selves, they may feel disconnected from those around them who do not share their perspective. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  2. Difficulty fitting in: People who function on a higher frequency often have different values and interests than the mainstream, which can make it challenging to fit in or feel accepted by others.
  3. Overthinking and analysis paralysis: Those who are highly introspective may also be prone to overthinking and analyzing situations, which can lead to indecisiveness and inaction.
  4. Sensory overload: People who function on a higher frequency may be more sensitive to stimuli such as noise, bright lights, or crowds. This can lead to sensory overload and fatigue.
  5. Feeling overwhelmed by the suffering of others: Individuals who are highly empathetic and compassionate may struggle with feeling overwhelmed by the suffering of others. This can lead to burnout and compassion fatigue.
  6. Difficulty with self-care: Those who are highly focused on their inner growth and development may neglect their own physical and emotional needs. This can lead to burnout and exhaustion.

People with higher frequencies may face obstacles related to social connection, decision-making, sensory overload, and self-care. It's important for them to develop strategies for managing these challenges, such as setting healthy boundaries, practicing self-compassion, and seeking support from others when needed.

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